Thursday, 31 December 2009

Puking snow at the Grand Montets Bon Annee

Minging in town today but by the time we made it up to Grand Montets the snow was still falling heavy then it started to clear. A good load of snowfall from yesterday (50cm+) with the addition of todays dumping found us faceplanting big piles of the fresh white stuff

Carl enjoying the powder from the Herse

Wednesday, 30 December 2009


20th - Le Tour (as below)
21st - Work
22nd - Work
23rd-26th - UK
27th - Work
28th - Work (sense the pattern!)
29th - Courmayeur

I was driving yesterday and took some clients over to Courmayeur. Anyway, this gave Tom and I a great excuse to grab a few hours skiing. It was raining in Chamonix but snowing in Courmayeur, yes it was wet snow and the 'powder' was heavy but best under the lifts and in the trees. Absolutely spent after a few hours!

Just making some final preperations for the up and coming Scotland trip where I will be taking a university group out for 6 days winter skills courses followed by a cheeky weekend of climbing.

No pics....need a new camera!


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Pow Le Tour

Still a few tufts of heather kicking around to send you off course....

Fresh tracks near the pistes still going in the afternoon!

Didn't have to venture far today to find the fresh stuff. The best days skiing so far i'd say. VERY cold though!

Chamonix Opening

16th - Ski Grand Montets, reasonable snow covering but really hanging on a big dump. I think this is because I am getting fussy!
17th - Work
18th - Work
19th - Ski Brevent & Flegere, today was the first lift opening (80% of Cham) so Carl and I got the first bin of the season up to the top and enjoyed the first tracks. About 15-20cm of fresh snow on an icy layer was fun and there were some deep patches. Snow very light and fluffy so nice start to the year!

No action shots yet as not got camera sorted but here sis one from the balcony this morning. Town is looking snowy and al the decorations up...let it snow!

We were going to go have a look at Cogne today for some ice climbing but not great reports just yet. Just aiming at getting those ski legs sorted!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Scotland / Chamonix

Tower Gully
(photo from Byron)

As I was on my way out to Chamonix for 10 days or so, a good friend Byron sent me a wee email with some snaps of his weekend in Scotland.

Looks great up there. Since then, I have been out skiing at the Grand Montets (yesterday) which was pretty nice. The snow covering is good but there are still a few areas that need more snow and at least some fresh stuff. Ice is shaping up relatively slowly by the looks of things.

Here is a pic of Scotland for now, might get out to Courmayeur by the end of the week. Busy working!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Goodbye Beach > Psyched for Snow...Lets go Skiing

Wow, so it has been a year since I started this blog! That went quite quickly... it has been an amazing year with great times had with great mates in and out of the mountains.

This year sees Jen and I heading back to Chamonix for the winter, really please to have some good mates there who are really up for getting out ski touring and climbing.

I am just getting mentally prepared for the action by watching steep and getting pretty excited about this coming season.

As its the time of year to fashion a christmas list together (which does just happen to consist of big wall climbing handbooks!), I have been spending a bit more time on a bit of a winter wish list around Chamonix. Like last year I will be keeping a blog on events and uploading a few photos of the adventures, please feel free to make comments and let me know how you are getting on with conditions around the Cham valley.

Some routes I am thinking about..... (excluding valley ice)

Aiguille Verte - Nant Blanc Face, Y Couloir
Aiguille du Midi - Eugster Direct
Monch - NW Buttress, Lauper Route (N Face)
Supercouloir - Tacul
Migot Spur - Chardonnet
Cosmiques Icefall
Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey - N Face
Modica Noury etc - Tacul

Breche Puiseux
Col du Passon (never got round to it last year!)
Cosmiques Couloir
Ski Mont Blanc
Aiguille Argentiere from the valley from an early start
Loads of repeats from last year.....
maybe need some more inspiration here (Mont Dolent Ski)

As usual this tends to change as I actually read what the route consists of!!!

See you in Chamonix :)